Prepared by Samantha Hull

Dear Reader,

I am a victim of an injustice committed by the US Government. I believe I deserve restitution. I was accused of harassing calls to a girl who was living with me in 1998. I moved to Virginia on 12/31/1998. I arrived on 1/1/1999., a few months later I was arrested and detained for extradition. I signed a waiver: Agreeing to go back to Florida. I was released nine days later, after Florida failed to get extradition from Virginia, nor extradite me. 

I returned to my home in VA after being released on 9/30/99. I remained free until 1/2000.

I was re-arrested on 1/11/2000 by Alexandria Police department in VA. I was detained pending extradition to Florida. Instead of signing a waiver, like the 1st time, contested/ fought the extradition. 

On 2/28/2000, The Alexandria Court ordered me detained pending a Governor's Warrant. They gave Florida authorities 90 days to get the warrant. On 5/25/2000, Judge Giammittorio ordered my release because FL did not obtain the warrant in the time allowed. No extension was given.

I returned to the jail to pack my belonging, under the impression that I was to be released. Instead, I was greated and arrested by the US Secret Service for allegedly threatening George W. Bush and Clinton. On 5/31/2000 I was brought before US Magistrate Poretz for a bail hearing. I was denied bail because the US district prosecutors said I still had warrants in Florida despite being released for those charges six days earlier. 

I stayed in jail pending trial. I was indited for threatening Bush and allegations of threatening Clinton. None of the drawings I had down depicted Clinton.  

On 7/10/2000, the US attorney asked for a mental health evaluation. Dr. Robert Phillips, employed by the US Secret Service preformed the evaluation at the jail. Later he sent the report to Judge Hilton. As a result I was sent to a Federal Medical Center for eleven months, before returning to jail in August of 2001. I was awaiting trial for 10/1/2001.

I was in jail when the 9/11 "attacks" occured. My then lawyer, Peter Goldman came to the jail a week and a half after 9/11. He told me it was in my best interest to plead guilty and receive 12-18 months in federal prison. Goldman told me that the US attorney was willing to make calls to Florida to have the other charges dismissed. (The same charges that were dismissed in 2000).

After pleading guilty on 9/26/2001, Judge Claud M. Hilton ordered a pre-sentencing investigation report. In October 2001, US Probation officer F. Kurt Bubenhofer prepared the report which was filled with contradictions and half lies/ half truths. Bubenhofer's report lied by stating that the 1998 calls were made from VA. Subsaquent Us attorney court motions also stated that December 23-28 calls were made from VA. I later obtained the original Court documents that proved the calls were made from FL. US federal agents copied their inforation from the FL documents and changed the information. then they copied the doctored information into the court documents.

 Bubenhofer's report also stated that I had allegedly poisened this girl, and stabbed her with a hypodermic needle. Upon the lies and contradictions to the court motions, I was sentenced to 72 months. I was sentences based upon elledged violence on a woman in FL. Multiple alligations of violence, which have no police reports to support their claims, were used to sentence me to longer then the `12-18 months that I was originally offered. 

I have presented evidence to the court that has been intentionally ignored. While in prison, I filed various motions 
as well as a privacy act lawsuit. I was released on 4/1/2005. I had to serve 3 years of probabtion. I was forced to go back to N. VA because my sentencing court was there. The court in VA refused to transfer my probabtion to FL. 

I served 2 yrs out of 3 probation sentence. On 3/23/2007 Judge hilton terminated the last year and gave me 90 days in jail with credit for time served. Afterwards, I left the US for Canada. I claimed asylum shortly after my arrival in Canada. In 5/23/2007 Immigration Canada threw me into a immigration detention center in Laval Quebec where I spent 19 months. 

 On dec 4 2008, I was arrested by the RCMP on suspected terrorism charges. I was also accused of threatening immigration. On the 5th I was transfered to Revere de praries prison in Montreal. I remained there until 3/25/2010,
when I was sent to philippe Pinel institute for a mental evaluation. 

On 5/4/2010 the local court sent me to Douglas Hospital in Montreal. While at Douglas I did research on the internet
and was able to make phone calls. On 8/4/2010 I was returned to Court, the judge sent me back to RDP prison. 
The court also postponed my court hearing for 10/22/2010. On 10/22/10 the court set my next court date for 11/1/2010.

The Judge said that the preperations for my trial 
will accure on my next court date.