Obviously someone of color wouldnt be too quick to join the local Neo-nazi kkk chapter, but that isnt the impression I am trying to give you. I dont believe Rihanna dreams of pulling a Britney Spears head shave and heading to the tattoo parlor for a cute pink swastika, but the principals behind the Nazi "Reign" seem eerily familiar in one of her newest music videos "Hard".

    Sitting through the 4:11 could be a constant hard-on for the typical 15 boy, but for the educated truther, its absolutely delightful to see the symbolism so blatantly displayed by the media tagged "good girl". From the begining to the end of the video, Rihanna redundantly displays her accetuated "all seeing eye". Only twenty seconds into the video her zombie recruits salute Rihanna in a way only Hitler himself would deem respectful. She at the same time sings lyrics that hypnotise the average hip hop fan, probably having no clue what they could possibly mean.  "They can say whatever, Ima do whatever, no pain is forever, yep...you know this". lets read into these four sentences. One could say that she isnt going to listen to people talking trash. But she could also be saying that she is gunna keep doing what she is doing, representing who she is representing no matter who calls her out on it. Moving to the next verse "Tougher then a lion, aint no need in tryin, I live where the sky ends". For those of you who are not up on the symbolism of Freemasonry, the Lion is a very important representation of freemasonry. The "lions paw" is used quite frequently in esoteric brotherhood. The grip formed by placing the fingers in the form of a cat's paw. This grip, and its attendant reference to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, has significance in several respects, both legendary and allegorical. Its message of transition and everlasting life are a critical part of the Third Degree. This being said, she may be tougher then the 3rd degree. Now, in Freemasonry, you are climbing the masonic ladder to illumination, you are always attaining knowledge and being brought higher toward the heavens. This could be what Rihanna means by "I live where the sky ends".

    "Never lying, truth teller. That Rihanna Reign just wont let up" are the next words sang by her. Most noticeable is the use of the word "Reign" instead of "rain". Most of you, like myself probably thought she was making some kind of reference to her earlier hit song "Umbrella". But after finding the written lyrics for the song, I quickly realized she purposely used the word "Reign".

(Definition of Reign)
a period during which something or somebody is dominant or powerful.

Is she mocking us in the beginning of the verse? Could be. Next she talks about something that may seem very similar to a song she did with Jay-Z earlier in the year which has been titled "The Anthem Of Hip Hop"..."Run This Town". Like Jay-Z, Rihanna speaks of "All Black Everything". Jay-Z is asking you to “Pledge your allegiance” to the new ruler and to wear black everything to honor him. Rihanna must be mimicking her mentor. About two minutes into the video, just after dancing on what looks like a partial pyramid made from sandbags, she talks about how she gets fan mail from 27 million and has tons of cash, but it isnt enough. She "Wants it all". This of course is brainwashing the public into believing that money is the most important thing in life, she is nothing without the fans and money. One of the more disturbing parts of the video depicts Rihanna barely dressed, dancing on top of a pink tank. She wears her mickey mouse ears proudly. What do the Mickey mouse ears have to do with all of this? Well, Disney has been for a long time associated with brainwashing, probably because Disney was known to use subliminal and symbolic messaging in their movies and cartoons.

    Now, rapper "Jeezy" chimes in... "Go hard, or go home. Back to your residence. Soon the red dogs will give the block back to the presidents". Probably sounds like a bunch of rubbish out together for lack of rhyme. But this lyric probably has the most important meaning out of the whole song. See, Aleister Crowely (probably the most well known satanist) and the ancients worshiped the star Sirius among other gods of the sky. The star Sirius was known as the red star, and in Roman times red dogs were sacrificed to the star. The star was known as the "Light of Creation" to Crowley and the ancients. At the end of the video Rihanna is flying a black flag, wearing a black leotard and a helmet that for some reason reminded me of the evil army from "Lord Of The Rings". The black flag is most commonly associated with Anarchy, but it is not a symbol of anarchy, it is a symbol of defiance and an opposition to surrender..The Black flag also represents misery and death Rihanna is telling us that she will not be surrendering or giving up her Luciferian ways any time soon.