Recently, I was provided with the song recently collaborated between Rick Ross and JayZ alledly addressing his followers about his Masonic connection. From the first second of this song... complete symbolism. In the first verse Rick Ross says "This is for the soldiers who see the sun at night". Now, beyond the misconception that the Illuminati worships the sun, they do believe that the Sun represents the "Light Bearer" or Lucifer. So right there he is telling the world that this song is for his brothers, the ones who see the light bearer all the time.

Then he goes on to say "I go to the grave before I be a bitch nigga, you better behave, you dealing with some rich niggas." Wow! So before we even get to the denial of being Masonic, he tells you to watch out who you are messing with and who you are questioning.

we the lost symbols
speak in cryptic codes
ancient wisdom
valuable like gifts of Gold
I embark on life
my path is all math
I understand the codes these hackers can’t crack
I understand these folks expect me to fold

Now, he goes on to brag about how strong he is in the fraternal bond, and that he wont crack under pressure or let his brothers down. He wont admit what he is or their secrets.

"I’m iconic in the field
like Solomons Seal"

If you dont know what Solomon's Seal is, it is what is now called the "star of David". The Seal actually represents the God Moloch, Who God speaks of in the bible and condemns all those who chose to worship him. King Solomon practiced witchcraft and worshiped Moloch.

Now Jay Z chimes in: b-tch I said I was amazing
Not that I’m a Mason

But we all know better.