Before I begin, I am not going to claim to be an "investigative journalist" like a person I will be speaking on in this article has. Nor will I make any claims against him without substantial proof. I will also try to link as much as possible.

 Jahba is a host on ITS, who has spent the last month attacking several hosts on NformD, focusing on myself and Rev J the most. Looking into Jahba's background I found that it seems Jahba has only been "awake" for a short time. And I wouldn't necessarily say he is juiced up on redbull. After visiting Jahba's website at I found that his "political" posts didnt begin until July of this year. Before that it is mostly clips of songs he made. Whats interesting to note is the links he shares in his posts, In one particular post he recommends The Zeitgeist Movement website as well as We Are Change. Now the reason this is so interesting is 1. Zeitgeist is a "new age" movement, promoting the destruction of all religion to form a One World Belief, something we see etched in stone at the Georgia Guidestones in Elberton GA.
2. Jahba is part of a network that claims to expose the truth about "We Are Change" members including Luke Rudowski. 

After doing a quick "whois" search on Jahba's website I was able to find that it is registered to a Jason Jones, living in Den Haag Netherlands. Jason Jones is from Indianapolis, Indiana. I confirmed his real name through his long time friend "Jeremy Jones". His identity was also confirmed on this "Rave Forum" in a post from 2004.


  Jahba claims his real name is Raoul, at one point he said "Raoul Duke".Who is the character of the novel by Hunter S. Thompson "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".

I can't say I know for sure where Jahba stands on religious views, but one thing I have learned from experience with him is that he does not like Christians. Before Jahba became a host on ITS, I had visited the site by chance. I chatted with a couple members on their chatroll, before being viciously attacked by Jahba for expressing my faith on as well as their chat. He stated that it was okay to listen to "satanic" type music because it doesn't have an effect on you. Something we here at Nformd know to be false because of the fact that ALL music has an effect on your thinking patterns. Here is just one article on how it works.

We can't say we know what causes Jahba to do the things he does now, like call NFormD host wanda "So black and ashy her knees can start a camp fire" or Myself a "tramp" and "cunt" all of this said while on air. Can we say that this is the behavior of a professional "Radio Show Host" and "Investigative Journalist"?
UPDATE: Interesting to note is that on Jahba's Discography profile, you can see that in 2006 his albums were on a lable titled "Zion's Gate Records".