On Oct. 27th, Irritatethestate.net aired an (illegally obtained) recording of a former Pastor of Samantha stating that her and Rev J were con artists. What ITS failed to do? Their research. Before ITS could air their recording, NFormD was able to get in touch with "Pastor Rick Evans" and obtained this statement (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4UkyTpcR3Y) from him. the Pastor says that he was confused when he recieved the call from "Jahba" of ITS, and he got confused as to who he was talking about. He also stated that he never gave ITS permission to record him or air him on their station. 
In the past month ITS has viciously attacked members of NFormD radio, committing slander and harrassent in the process, as well as calling "Child Protective Services" on Rev J and Samantha. Several of the hosts with ITS have personally vendetta's with Rev J. We wont entertain them with the reasons as of now. What Jahba, Louie Bee and the other hosts fail to realize is that in their attempts to discredit Nformdradio, they have broken many laws as well as terms of service with their providers/hosting. On Oct. 26th nformd received phone calls from a very baligerant and drunk "Curt" of "Wake and Bake" a show aired daily on ITS. The lack of professionalism and respect for the privacy and rights of others is less then what one should expect from a network of "truthers".