In Febuary 1992, The US began building their mysterious array of antennas. They are located in Gukona, Alaska. The project is called HAARP ( High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). Originally a joint effort or the Airforce & NAVY. It uses unique ability to focus the energy coming out of the antennas and injects that energy into a spot at the top of the atmosphere, called the ionosphere. It is comprised of 180 antennas apx. 72 feet tall, linked together to function at one giant antenna. It can aim millions of watts of ELF waves into one tiny patch about 12 miles wide, 2 miles deep  of the atmosphere. The amount of energy is about 3,600,000 watts. The largest AM radio station in America is 50,000 watts.

The US military says HAARP is merely being used for studying the behavior and properties of the ionosphere. But evidence points in another direction. It shows that the intense energy being beamed into the sky is actually heating up the atmosphere and causing weather changes. The military's record proves this to be true, they have admitted it within their own documents. They way it effects the jet stream is this. They energy pushes the ionosphere up into space, causing the stratosphere to fill in the gap, which will in turn cause the jet stream to move with it hundreds of miles. That changes the way water moves through our atmosphere.

HAARP is one of several ELF wave transmitters located all over the world. The US owns and operates 3 of these. They are located in Gakona, Alaska; another in Fairbanks, Alaska; and one in Airicibo, Puerto Rico. Russia owns one in Vasilsursk, The European Union has one in Tomso, Norway.Working in tandem, these transmitters could potentially alter the weather anywhere in the World. Changing the jet streams entirely, cause massive storms or droughts. Hurricane steering is also possible by heating up the atmosphere and building up high pressure domes that could deflect or change the course of the storms.

Since going online in 1994, some experts have reported strange weather anomalies including massive floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and even earthquakes. Construction continued until 2007. There are possibly 20 other ionospheric heaters in the world other then the known 5. In December 2001, NASA's Aims research center made a discovery that in studying more then 100 earthquakes 5.0 or greater, nearly all of them were proceeded  by massive electrical storms.

In 1987, Dr. Brooks Agnew experienced the power ELF waves  first hand. He was hired by an energy company to locate oil and gas using the same type of  ELF waves used by HAARP at much lower frequencies. The process is called Earth Topographies. In one particular incident, Dr. Agnew believes his use of ELF waves triggered an earthquake.  The incident took place in Portland, OR. That day, the minute they energized, they experienced at 4.5 earthquake. Dr. Agnew demonstrated this for The History Channel using a Sub woofer and a scale model of the area in Portland, OR.

When HAARP's antennas in Alaska send pulses into the ionosphere, the waves get reflected back down through the Earth and oceans. Now, if 3,600,000 watts of ELF waves were accidentally or purposely aimed at an already unstable fault, it WOULD cause an earthquake.

HAARP's link to Chemtrails:

Chemtrails are the lined cloud formations often placed in grid and X formations. Different then Contrails which dissipate within minutes, they linger in the sky for hours and sometimes as long as 24 hours. Leaving an artificial cloud. By spraying metals into the sky and then directing ELF waves, using HAARP to heat those Metals, the temperature of the sky is raised to more then 100 degrees Fahrenheit, preventing the accumulation of water vapor.

The ELF waves produced by HAARP reflect off the atmosphere and can bend around the Earth making it possible to reach anywhere on the Earth.

HAARP and Mind Control:

We are surrounded by millions of megawatts of natural energy, because the Sun blows a solar wind which crashed toward the Earth. Since the Earth is a giant magnet, the magnetic field called the magnetosphere protects us. Now, HAARP's original patents were meant to alter or distort the magnetosphere. Every cell in the human body contains a magnetic substance called magnetite which responds sensitively to magnetic fields.  Now when they send the ELF waves into the Ionosphere, they can create a secondary frequencies which comes back to Earth and causing the Earth to vibrate, these signals can effect our moods. The Human brain operates on very low frequencies, for example, when we are thinking actively we are generating about 14 cycles per second. When we are relaxing, about 8 cycles per second, and sleeping about 4 cycles. HAARP is capable of generating all of these signals. by knowing how to control these frequencies, they can generate, fear, happiness, grief, and so on.

This type of mood control goes back to Yale University, and the work of Jose Delgato who is well recognized in literature. He started research using implants in the brain and by using radio frequencies at 1/50 of what the Earth naturally produces was able to cause massive mood swings in his  patients. Using electro magnetic frequencies on humans, you can cause hysteria, mental illness, or even passivity for population control.