For as long as I can remember people has spoken about the wise and wonderful humanitarian "Gandhi". I never really knew anything about Gandhi (good or bad) my entire life. I really didn't care. Recently I had heard rumors that Gandhi was actually a racist and a pedophile I wasn't shocked, but intrigued. I wanted to know as much about this as possible so that I could inform all the unknowing Americans and otherwise who thought differently.

"I can see why a white man discriminates against and African, but why against us? We Indians have the same values the white man has."


Gandhi actually promoted segragation in South Africa, in 1895 while in Durban. The local post office had two doors - one for blacks and Indians and another for whites. Calling it an "invidious distinction," Gandhi successfully campaigned for a third door for Indian use only.

The caste is the bedrock of Hinduism. The Hindu term for caste is varna; which means arranging the society on a four-level hierarchy based on the skin color: The darker-skinned relegated to the lowest level, the lighter-skinned to the top three levels of the apartheid scale called the Caste System. The race factor underlies the intricate workings of Hinduism, not to mention the countless evil practices embedded within. Have no doubt, Gandhi loved the Caste system.

Gandhi lived in South Africa for roughly twenty one years from 1893 to 1914. In 1906, he joined the military with a rank of Sergeant-Major and actively participated in the war against the blacks.
When Gandhi formed the Natal Indian Congress on August 22, 1894, the no. 1 objective he declared was: "To promote concord and harmony among the Indians and Europeans in the Colony." [Collected Works (CW)1 pp. 132-33]

He launched his Indian Opinion on June 4 1904: "The object of Indian Opinion was to bring the European and the Indian subjects of the King Edward closer together." (CW. IV P. 320)