In the past year sense we started our website ( and speaking out against such tyranny as Masonry, We have had many run ins with local law enforcement either angry that we are portraying them as "cult members" or just backing up one of their fellow officers. The night I am going to describe to you, may well be one of those instances of retaliation.

On Nov. 9th, at 12:16am Jeremiah went off air. He contacted a friend to come to our home. he needed a ride to get our young daughter to the emergency room. Our daughter had been running a fever and Jeremiah was very worried because of all the recent flu scares. Between the time he called and the friend arriving, I had managed to break our dauhgter's fever.  Just after our friend arrived a few minutes later, we went out front to let him know we no longer needed a ride to the ER. As we approached his vehicle, two St. Lucie County Sheriff's deputies pulled up behind him, shining their spotlights into my home. I immediately began asking what was going on, I was given no response. The deputies approached our friends car and asked him what he was doing here. He explained to them and handed his ID over, which identified him as a fellow deputy's son. They returned his ID without any further questions and ask me what was wrong with my daughter. I told them that she had been running a fever and Jeremiah had over-reacted by calling for a ride to the ER. I told them that he would be just going to the drug store for "Tylenol" instead.  The deputy deputy said "okay" and Jeremiah left with our friend while I went inside. I had assumed the deputies left, but just a few short minutes later, they were knocking on the door. By this time it was well after 12:30am. I opened the door about two feet being sure not to open it enough to come off as inviting them in. Dep. Eric Wax, who seemed to be in his mid twenties, told me he they wanted to come in. I told them "No, what do you need?".

  The deputy became agitated and asked where my daughter was. I turned to the left and told him "laying down in the living room". He then said "I need to see her". I told Dep. Wax that "he could see her from where he was". Dep. Wax then came closer to the opening and said "I need to talk to her". At this point, I was very tired and repeated that they could not come in. Dep. Wax then pushed the door open and walked in, as he did so Dep. Robert Funk who was standing behind him told me "If you don't move, we will take you to jail for interference". I was watching Dep. Wax approach my daughter as I asked "Interference with what? You need to get out, I did not give you consent to enter my home.". Dep. Wax then turned to me and said "If you don't stop, I will take your daughter". After his comment I started to become angry, I then told them again to leave. Dep. Wax then told me to go outside, approaching me in a manner that would be more demanding then requesting. As I walked outside, I told both the deputies "You are both being very rude, this is out of line. I know my rights, and I know you cannot enter my home without a warrant or my consent". Dep. Funk then told me "thats not true". I argued to them that I was a Constitutionist and I did in fact know the law. Dep.Funk then laughed as he walked away and said "You don't know shit about the Constitution". I was stunned. Dep. Wax then said that it was legal for them to come inside because they received a 911 call. I asked what the call was about and he said "child welfare". I knew he was lying. I turned to  Dep. Wax, he began to laugh puting his hands on his hip, looking up in the air and said "I can call DCF (child protective services) if you want, you dont want that do you?". I told the deputy to make the call, I told them that at least I would know why someone is entering my home. Dep. Wax then demanded my ID. I went inside and locked the door, I grabbed my ID card and ran to the Computer where our station was still streaming. I jumped on air and told the other hosts and listeners what was happening. I asked that someone call Jeremiah and tell him to come home. I was panicked at this point. I then opened the door and handed the deputy my ID, I told them I needed to lay my daughter back down who was freaking out about the comments the deputies had made about taking me to jail and taking her. 

They knocked on the door again. When I opened this time, Dep. Wax asked me "Do you have food for your daughter?". I was offended by the questioned and snapped back at him "Of course, what kind of question is that?". The deputy then told me "He was gunna need to see the food". I immediately told them "No, you are not coming in my house". Both the deputies then pushed the door open, this time they both entered. Dep. Wax went into my kitchen where I followed and Dep. Funk went into my living room searching the ground with a flash light. I opened the fridge and told Dep. Wax to look, but he didn't. He was too busy trying to see through the window above my sink into the den that we use as a studio. 

Both deputies were then in the living room. Dep. Funk was asking my daughter if she had school in the morning. My daughter refused to address them.  He seemed irritated that she was ignoring them and asked me "Is your daughter even in school?". I said "yes". Then they both asked "Where?" The tone they both had while asking came off as if they thought I was lying. Dep. Wax then told me "you house is filthy". I looked around at the toys on the floor and in disbelief at the insult ask him to elaborate. Neither deputy answered me as they walked outside to investigate the headlights that had pulled up. It was Jeremiah, I asked Dep. Wax for my ID back. He then held my ID in the air away from me, as if a child playing "Monkey in the middle". He said " You need to listen to me, you need to take my advice, I can arrest you and make sure DCF takes your daughter". I grabbed my ID and went inside. As I watched through the window, both deputies approached Jeremiah. Dep. Funk then told Jeremiah that he had seen a shopping cart in my back yard. He said "You know, we can be assholes, arrest you both for theft and take your daughter". Jeremiah wasn't sure as to what had happened before he arrived. He told the deputy that he would be sure to get the cart back to where it belonged. The deputies made a few more remarks to him as they got in their vehicles.

 Right after they left, I got on air and explained to the other hosts and listeners what had just transpired. One of the listeners, who is also a freelance journalist "Lawrence McCurry asked for the contact details to the St. Lucie County Sheriff's office. Sometime after 1am, he made contact with the media secretary as well as the Sargent. Both of the individuals expressed to Lawrence that they knew who Jeremiah was. Lawrence had requested he be contacted as soon as the report was filed for comment. 

The next moning, Lawrence contacted me as he had came into possession of the Police report. He sent me a PDF file so I could read through it and also the transcript of the dispatch from the 911 operator. I was shocked when I read the whole report and became aware that the deputies were not suppose to be at my house at all, in fact they had been dispatched to a location near my home at 12:12am  to investigate a "White Chevy Blazer, that was running with no one in it.". The vehicle that was waiting in front of my home was a white late 80s model Trans Am. I don't see how anyone could mistake one for the other. And if you remember earlier in my post, I mentioned that Jeremiah did not contact his friend until 12:16am. The time difference meant to me that either the deputies were dispatched to a location near me and just assumed they were at the right location or the report have been poorly doctored. 

Other details in the report contradicted themselves over and over. In a Excerpt of the report, the deputy states: JEREMIAH AND THE DRIVER THEN LEFT THE AREA. And in the 3rd following sentence he states: SHE STATED HER DAUGHTER DOES NOT NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL, SHE JUST NEEDS SOME MEDICATION FROM WALGREENS. I INFORMED HER THAT WHAT SHE IS STATING IS CONFLICTING WHAT I WAS PREVIOUSLY TOLD ABOUT WHAT TREATMENT HER DAUGHTER NEEDED. That doesn't make much sense. If he was concerned about the welfare of a child and was investigating the situation, then why did he allow the driver and Jeremiah to leave the scene?

Lower in the report he states: AS I STOOD SPEAKING TO SAMANTHA I COULD SMELL THE STRONG ODOR OF FECES AND URINE THAT EMANATED FROM THE PARTIALLY CRACKED DOOR. SAMANTHA STOOD WITH THE DOOR TOUCHING HER BODY WHICH GAVE ME THE IMPRESSION THAT SHE WAS TRYING TO CONCEAL THE INTERIOR OF THE HOUSE FROM MY VIEW. THE ODOR OF URINE EMANATING FROM THE INTERIOR OF THE HOUSE WAS SO STRONG THAT IT STUNG YOUR NOSE AS YOU INHALED. AS LOOKED INTO THE HOUSE FROM MY LIMITED VANTAGE POINT ON THE FRONT STEPS, I COULD PLAINLY SEE A MULTIPLE TEAR CAGE IN THE LIVING ROOM THAT HOUSED WHAT I BELIEVED TO BE FERRETS. Now, to address these statements, if this were true, then one, why was there no other mention of evidence that would back up his claims that the house smelled of feces and urine? Why was the cause of this smell never mentioned in the report? If I was holding the door to my body as he stated, how could he have seen the cage that was actually behind the door in the dining room and not in the living room as he stated? If the smell was so bad that it had the ability to "sting his nose" then why was DCF or Animal Control not called immediately? Why? because this was not added to his accounts until the following day when the report was written in order to cover himself after there was multiple complaints called into the Sheriff's office. From the wording in this part of the statement you can clearly tell that what bothered him was not some imaginary smell but the fact that I was not allowing him into my home which made him assume I must be hiding something.

On Nov 10th, at 12am I was finally able to get in contact with their superior, Sgt. Ziarkowski. The first thing the Sgt stated to me after I explained who I was, was that he had just gotten back to work and hadnt heard anything about the deputies investigation or the incident. Interesting statement made by him seeing as on the police report it clearly states that he was in fact the person that took the report from Dep. Wax and it also states that at some point he forwarded the report to Child protective services. Also, Lawrence McCurry had spoken of the incident to the same Sargent at 1am just after it happened. If Sgt. Ziarkowski would lie about knowing anything about the situation then what else would he lie about?

In the begining of the 16 minute conversation I had with him, he stated that he found it perfectly legal for the deputies to enter my home without concent as they were checking on the welfare of the child. As he realize he would be unable to change my knowledge of the law, he changed his stance to say that he believe I gave them consent, because that is what is in the report and he wasn;t there. So obviously the Sargent knows full and well what his deputies did was illegal. I also brought up the fact that the deputies were not called to my home in the first place and that I knew because I read the dispatch transcript. The Sargent seemed surprised and asked how I got the report. He claimed that the report he had was consistent with the deputies being sent to my address. He asked over and over how I got the report. It seemed to me that the Sargent didnt want me to have the report that had so many inconsistencies and evidence of wrong doings. The Sargent then let me know that he would "have a talk with the deputies" but he was not willing to do an investigation. He told me that I would need to go talk to internal affairs myself to have that done.

Just to give the readers a little insight into the harassment this department has put us through sense November of 2009. Last year, Jeremiah painted his car to look like superman and also added some decals in the back window that listed our website and some of our views on the corrupt system. Within a week he began getting pulled over on a weekly basis. In late November, we were pulled over by a St. Lucie County deputy, when he approached the vehicle, he was reluctant to tell us why we were stopped. He refused to allow Jeremiah to exit the vehicle in order to reach his ID that was in his wallet, in his back pocket. The deputy (Freeman) then slammed Jeremiah into the driver's wheel and handcuffed him. I immediately turned on my camera and began recording. Dep. Freeman wasn't too happy with being on film and called for backup to have me arrested for what he said was "Felony wiretapping". After 30 minutes of sitting in the back of a cruiser, I was able to find out that we were stopped for suspicion of burglary.

The deputies then realized that we owned the property that was in question. After not being able to find grounds to arrest me on, they let me go but kept Jeremiah charging him with "resisting arrest". Before I was able to leave, Dep. Freeman took my camera and deleted the video. Luckily I was able to recover the recordings and Jeremiah beat the charges 6 months later. After the incident, the pull overs became much more frequent and time after time, the tickets were dismissed. In June, I wrecked the car and the harassment stopped, only because they didn't know how to find us. In Sept of this year, Jeremiah was spotted by one of the sheriff's deputies and illegally frisked while walking home from the store. He immediately reported it and the deputy continued to circle out house for over an hour before I came out with a camera and scared him off. We have moved sense then and now that they know where we live, I believe this harassment will only get worse.