Of ALL the theories relative to U.S. President John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963, few can compare with the one found on a web page of a long-time conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier. The article begins:

==Preface to King-Kill/ 33: James Shelby Downard's Vision

The essay "King-Kill/33" has been out of print since 1987 and the publication of the first edition of Adam Parfrey's conspiracy anthology, 'Apocalypse Culture.' Subsequent editions of 'Apocalypse Culture' (including the current Feral House edition), do not carry it. <MasonicInfo Note: We wonder why....>

The Campaign for Radical Truth in History (http://www.hoffman-info.com) is pleased to make this landmark article available once again, on the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of the immolation of America's only Catholic president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. May his surviving murderers be yet brought to justice.

"My study of place names imbued with sorcerous significance necessarily includes lines of latitude and longitude and the divisions of degrees in geography and cartography (minutes and seconds).

Let us take as an example the "Mason Road" in Texas that connects to the "Mason No El Bar" and the Texas-New Mexico ("The Land of Enchantment") border. This connecting line is on the 32nd degree.   The 32nd degree is the penultimate Masonic degree awarded. <MasonicInfo Note: But so many others tell us that it's the 33rd Degree! Of course that wouldn't work with this theory so we'll let the writer continue. We won't mention that the 32nd Degree isn't 'awarded'....> When this 32nd degree of latitude is traced west into the "Land of Enchantment" it becomes situated midway between Deming and Columbus, New Mexico.

Slightly to the north of the town of Columbus are the Tres Hermanas (three sisters) mountains. It is approximately 32 miles between Deming and Columbus. The Three Sisters mountains are a minute and some seconds south of the 32nd degree line. When this line is traced further west it passes the ghost town of Shakespeare at a distance south of the town which is roughly equivalent to the distance which the 32nd degree line passes north of the Three Sisters mountains. The names "Shakespeare" and "Three Sisters" find a connection in the tragedy Macbeth which comprises such a large part of JFK assassination imagery. <MasonicInfo Note: HUH? Is the author attempting to claim that Shakespeare was a Mason too? Want some HONEST information about Shakespeare, New Mexico? Click here for a great site on New Mexico Ghost Towns that you can visit! We hope that the conspiracy theorists won't read too much into the mention of one of the former residents mentioned on the site: Russian Jack.>

When this 32nd degree line is traced a little distance farther west, into Arizona, <MasonicInfo Note: The 32nd Degree 'line' encompasses and area that includes most of New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and a good sized chunk of the Southeastern United States. Surely one could find something conspiratorial within 40,0000 square miles!> it crosses an old trail which meandered north of what is now another ghost town but which at one time was called the town of "Ruby." Part of the old winding trail became known as the "Ruby Road." The town of Ruby acquired its name officially on April 11, 1912, and was notorious for many brutal murders which had ritual aspects. Four of these homicides occurred in a store attached to the post office which had been erected over the grave of a Catholic priest.

Continuing on with mystical toponomy, one encounters the fact that Ruby road twists north into the area known as the Kennedy and Johnson mountains.

Johnson Mountain is supposedly named after the general manager of the Peabody Mining Company who also had a town named after him which was the location of the Keystone and Peabody copper mines. The 32nd degree of latitude is but a few seconds from Johnson. In this frontier town on a December evening, 1883, a Colonel Mike Smith and a man Mason were ambushed by gunfighters described as being of questionable reputation and questionable character. These terms are employed in Masonic writings:

He [Captain William Morgan, victim of an early 19th century torture-murder by Masons] was a man of questionable character and dissolute habits, and his enmity to Masonry originated in his refusal of the Masons of Leroy. (Encyclopedia of Freemasonry).

<MasonicInfo Note: One Masonic reference book uses (just) four very common words and two of them are the same as the ones the author selected himself for this description. What ARE the odds, huh?>

A "keystone" is the designation for which, when set in place, "keys" or locks the whole. A symbolic keystone is vital to the legend of the Masonic Royal Arch Degree of York. The earliest known record of such a degree is in the annals of the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia, on December 22, 1753. Fredericksburg is also the location of the "House of the Rising Sun," a masonic meeting place for such notables as founding fathers George Washington and Benjamin Franklin (of Hell-Fire Club fame) and George Mason.

<MasonicInfo Note: Now FINALLY though we'll get to the Kennedy matter....
but below (1), we'll talk about the fact that the "House of the Rising Sun" referred to above was actually the Rising Sun Tavern, that George Washington only attended lodge there five times in his life, and that George Mason - who refused to sign the Constitution - was NOT a Mason. The author didn't mention that one of Washington's Generals was a Mason named Nixon - but that's probably in some other conspiracy theory we haven't seen yet.>

President Kennedy and his wife left the Temple Houston and were met at midnight by tireless crowds present to cheer the virile "Sun God" and his dazzlingly erotic wife, the "Queen of Love and Beauty," in Fort Worth. On the morning of November 22, they flew to Gate 28 at Love Field, Dallas, Texas. The number 28 is one of the correspondences of Solomon in kabbalistic numerology; the Solomonic name assigned to 28 is "Beale."

On the 28th degree of latitude in the state of Texas is the site of what was once the giant "Kennedy ranch." On the 28th degree is also Cape Canaveral from which the moon flight was launched-made possible not only by the President's various feats but by his death as well, for the placing of the Freemasons on the moon could occur only after the Killing of the King. The 28th degree of Templarism is the "King of the Sun" degree. The President and First Lady arrived in Air Force One, code-named "Angel." The motorcade proceeded from Love Field to Dealey Plaza. Dealey Plaza is the site of the Masonic temple in Dallas (now razed) and there is a marker attesting to this fact in the plaza.

Important "protective" strategy for Dealey Plaza was planned by the New Orleans CIA station whose headquarters were a Masonic temple building. Dallas, Texas is located ten miles north of the 33rd degree of latitude. The 33rd degree is the highest in Freemasonry and the founding lodge of the Scottish Rite in America was created in Charleston, South Carolina, exactly on the 33rd degree line.

<Masonicinfo Note: Actually, the 33rd Degree is only the highest in Freemasonry in the minds of conspiracy theorists. In fact, it isn't in 'Freemasonry' at all but is an honor awarded by the Scottish Rite, an appendant body. You can read more about the 33rds right here.>

Dealey Plaza is close to the Trinity River. At 12:22 p.m. the motorcade proceeded down Main Street toward the Triple Underpass, traveling first down ("Bloody") Elm St. The latter was the scene of numerous gun fights, stabbings and other violence, and it is the location of the Majestic Theatre, the pawn shop/negro district, and industrial district.

It was also the home of the Blue Front Tavern, a Masonic hangout in the grand tradition of "tavern-Masonry": Sam Adams and the Masons of the American Revolution did much of their conspiring at the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston. One of the many bars claiming the honor of being the first Masonic lodge is the Bunch of Grapes Tavern, also in Boston. <MasonicInfo Note: Masons like many other groups in the colonies often met in taverns. Indeed, the Bunch of Grapes Tavern was one of those in Boston where Masons met and the actual wooden bunch of grapes which hung outside that Tavern is now in the possession of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and hangs outside of the door of Corinthian Hall on the fifth floor. There's no secret here - and no conspiracy! Oh, and did we mention: Sam Adams wasn't a Mason!!! (See footnote below)>

The Blue Front was the site of the "broken-man" ritual in which various members of the "Brotherhood of the Broom" swept the floor and tended some fierce javelino pigs. The Blue Front was once a fire-house and was still sporting its fire-pole in the late 1920s. This is extremely germane symbolism. The national offices of the Texaco Oil Corporation are located on Elm St., Dallas. Its chief products are "Haviland (javalino) Oil" and "Fire Chief" gasoline.

On the corner of Bloody Elm and Houston is the "Sexton Building." "Sexton" is heavily laden with graveyard connotations. It is closely associated to the beetles of the genus Necrophorus or Sexton Beetles, so-called because they bury the remains of tiny animals with their eggs.

Bloody Elm, Main, and Commerce form a trident pattern in alignment with the triple underpass as any Dallas map will show.  Many analysts contend that at least three assassins were involved in the crossfire ambush of Kennedy.

It is a prime tenet of Masonry that its assassins come in threes. Masonic assassins are known in the code of the lodge as the "unworthy craftsmen." Because Masonry is obsessed with earth-as-gameboard (tessellation) and the ancillary alignments necessary to facilitate the "game," it is inordinately concerned with railroads and railroad personnel to the extent that outside of lawyers and circus performers, no other vocation has a higher percentage of Masons than railroad workers. <MasonicInfo Note: Most lodges will ask about one's occupation when a petitioner first joins Freemasonry. However, you could change careers dozens of times and never again would your Lodge or Grand Lodge know what occupation you had. Accordingly, this statement is totally false. The site author's Grandfather was both a Mason and railroad engineer. He always lamented that there weren't more railroad men joining Masonry! The author knows a couple of lawyers who're Masons - but no circus performers, unless one counts the fellows who become Shrine clowns. Again, totally unsubstantiated falsehoods passed off as truth!>

Minutes after John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered three "hoboes" ("unworthy craftsmen") were arrested at the railyard behind Dealey Plaza.

No records of their identities have ever been revealed nor the "identity" of the arresting officer. All that remains of those few minutes are a series of photographs which have reached legendary proportions among persons concerned with uncovering the real forces and persons behind the assassination. <MasonicInfo Note: In the 'Hiramic Legend' referred to, the persons this author refers to as 'unworthy craftsmen' are severely dealt with for their evil deeds. If this were true to Masonic legend as the writer asserts, why didn't this happen here? Strange....>

Dealey Plaza breaks down symbolically in this manner: "Dea" means "goddess" in Latin and "Ley" can pertain to the law or rule in the Spanish, or lines of preternatural geographic significance in the pre-Christian nature religions of the English. <MasonicInfo Note: MY dictionary shows Ley as a variant of Lea which is a grassland or meadow (from the Middle English leie, from Old English leah). Surely there must be something in Tagalog (the national language of the Philippines) which could relate....>

For many years Dealey Plaza was underwater at different seasons, having been flooded by the Trinity River until the introduction of a flood-control system. To this trident-Neptune site came the "Queen of Love and Beauty" and her spouse, the scapegoat in the Killing of the King rite, the "Ceannaideach" (Gaelic word for Kennedy meaning "ugly head" or "wounded head").

The systematic arrangement and pattern of symbolic things having to do with the killing of Kennedy indicates that he was a scapegoat in a sacrifice. The purpose of such macabre ritualism is further recognizable in patterns of symbolism culminating in the final "making manifest all that is hidden."