So, Big Brother screws up, it becomes a crime to investigate or talk about the obvious, glaring incompetence. So, WikiLeaks found a hole somewhere, and grabbed a bunch of documents about the “War in Afghanistan.” What war? The last time I checked it was a ‘Conflict.’ The last time the United States of America Declared War, according to the history books, was during WWII. All the other times, the great USA was going to war. Big Difference.

 The War on Drugs doesn’t count. Especially when the drug suppliers are our very own CIA…yes, the documents are there to back it up. Not a big secret.  Although, it would be a shocking revelation to those who live in a MK-Ultra World, and don’t know or care that they are being led to their on demise. May God Bless them, and open their eyes allowing them to advert their vision from the propaganda box that the all seeing eye controls.
Watching Americas Got Talent isn’t going to save them from the toxic wasteland that was once called the Gulf of Mexico.

The documents leaked. Oh, no. Our National Security could be compromised. Oh, please, anything but that.

A National Security leak could lead to a National Emergency.

It seems that this could be a perfect opportunity for Berry to pull the plug out of the wall shutting down the Internet. Hmmm…Secret Documents, not even Top Secret or Top, Top Secret Documents, but Secret Documents going all the way back to 2004 that have been spread across the Internet. They could have gotten away with it to if it wouldn’t have been for that damn, WikiLeaks. It sounds like the Double Secret probation theory.

Or, could this potentially be a Wag the Dog leak?

This is could be the great excuse to shut it all down. Kill the Net. Go ahead and throw the rest of the people that still have a glimmer of hope to make it through this Deception…no, Depression…no, recession, by selling and buying on the Great Net of America into the Unemployment Line. That’s the ticket. Go through with your top kill, poisoning the rest, and drowning the ones who tried to keep their head above the water.

It could happen. It could become a reality. Be careful of the slippery, tangled web that was designed to confuse, deceive and ultimately eliminate what the New World Order regards as worthless eaters. That’s you and me.