Over the past 2 months, NFormd radio and some of the hosts have endured daily harassment by what we now believe to be a network set up to tear apart the movement. After several articles with mostly fabricated lies being posted on their site, that have no bearing on what this movement is or stands for, I have decided to debunk all of this. I want to assure our listeners and anyone else who reads this, that NFormD radio has no "beef" with anyone and we will continue in a forward motion. 

 The most recent piece of "libel" I would like to address is a Faux chat transcript posted on a Facebook group. The transcipt is as follows. 

 [16/10/2010 9:18:39 PM] NFormD Radio: sam here
[16/10/2010 9:18:44 PM] Ziggy Menzel:Hello Sam how are things with the chip in? I would like to know if the Florida Family is you?
[16/10/2010 9:18:45 PM] NFormD Radio: WTF why are you asking
[16/10/2010 9:19:03 PM] Ziggy Menzel: I was told by Wandaand Justin if you are the family I do not want nothing to do with this scam, is not right and will be dishonst
[16/10/2010 9:19:07 PM] NFormD Radio: "who are you" to tell me what is right or wrong If you say anything Ziggy I and RevJ make your life hell.
[16/10/2010 9:19:015PM] Ziggy Menzel: why you threatning me? You have to tell people is you it is not right to mislead the public, you with the truth movment tell the truth just say it is your family.That is all I am asking.
[16/10/2010 9:19:30 PM] NFormD Radio: just know, you do not know who you dealing with.We can get you deported, make up lies about you and your family we own a radio station you are nothing bitch.
[16/10/2010 9:19:38 PM] Ziggy Menzel: Wow wow wow the worm has turned the real is out.Calling me a bitch wow
[16/10/2010 9:19:45 PM] NFormD Radio: Welcome to my world Ziggy. So shut the fuck up or rev will kick you off nformed
[16/10/2010 9:19:53 PM] Ziggy Menzel: Do what you like I know I have been telling the truth and people in the end will see that

Now, did the obvious stick out to any of you? The date format is wrong. I myself am located in the US, The other person that is suppose to be speaking with me is in Canada. If that what actually copied from a real chat transcript, the date would have read [10/16/2010]. Its obvious this was overlooked by the creator who just so happens to live in Den Haag. The 2nd most obvious question is why would they copy and paste a chat instead of taking a screen shot which would be much more substantial then a typed up chat. 

Here is an example of how easy it is to make a fake skype chat....


[16/10/2010 9:18:39 PM] Jahba Himself: sam , listen I love you. please leave RevJ, I will stop attacking you if you leave him.

[16/10/2010 9:18:44 PM] NformD: Jahba, you are crazy, please stop stalking me. I am married! 

[16/10/2010 9:18:45 PM] Jahba Himself: WTF, why wont you just be with me? I told you I would take care of you [16/10/2010 9:19:03 PM] NformD: Jahba, leave me alone!!!

[16/10/2010 9:19:07 PM]Jahba Himself: "If you dont leave him and be with me I am going to ruin nformd radio, I will make sure everyone hates you
[16/10/2010 9:19:015PM]NformD: You have problems, you are obsessed.. leave me alone, for the last time!!!!! 


Moving on....

 In THIS ARTICLE Jason Jones or better known as Jahba claims to have gotten a statement from a member of a website that I was a member of over 3 years ago! I was only a member on the site for about 4 months, I had participated in many activities and left after being attacked for my religious views, as you can see in a post by a member of that site 
at the time below. 


In the statement Mr. Jones claims to have gotten from a member that somehow remember me well enough to know my children's names, he yet again forgets that a screen shot or even a source would save this garbage evidence from being overlooked as nothing more then fabrication. 

 Mr. Jones had originally claimed to have gotten a recording from a former pastor of mine that I was indeed a long time scam artist, but there were two things wrong with this alleged confirmation. 1. Mr. Jones mislead the Pastor into believe I was someone else, someone that he himself was investigating for confirmed fraud. 2. That the pastor never gave him permission to either record or air the conversation. In a on air interview on our station that very same day, The Pastor confirmed with us that he had been confused and mislead by Mr. Jones and thought he was speaking about someone else. He confirmed in an email to both us and "ITS" that he had been mistaken when he spole with Mr. Jones and he would like to clear things up about our reputation. The email from the pastor can be found here

In another article posted by Mr. Jones, he claimed that Nformd "specifically me and RevJ" had defrauded contributors and kept money that was given to Ziggy. What Mr. Jones failed to do was actually investigate these claims. See, We have loyal listeners, many who had been listening on the several nights that Ziggy was on air claiming to have been kicked out of her home or being arrested. The listeners knew full and well that Nformd had done whatever they could to help Sigrid Menzel, and we tried very hard to get her real name and an address to send the money to. Sigrid was reluctant to provide us with any details that might help us understand her situation further. Ziggy became upset when the $10,000 she requested was not produced nor contributed on her behalf, she also got very upset when I lowered the goal on her collection from $10K to $1000usd (an amount myself and the rest of the hosts found to be more achievable).

 Again, moving on. Mr. Jones had on his show at some point in Oct 2010, brought up public records on Rev J, claiming that we both had a lengthly criminal history. Again, Mr. Jones didn't do his homework. If he would have then he would have never reported that I had any criminal history, why? Because I dont have one. And second he would have seen that the "Petty Theft" charge that is found on RevJ's record from 2008 was never a conviction, adjudication withheld. It is very interesting to note that several of the hosts at ITS claim to be "Anarchists" yet they find someone's criminal history to be of substantial evidence of someone's characte.

For a moment I would like to adress all the other people who have jumped on the bandwagon of attacking Nformd and give you an idea of why these people might want to do something so malicious.Letsstart with Louie Bee. Louie is the host of a show called "Cotch Shot Radio". We had originally came in contact with Louie after a call in to one of our shows in which expressed his opinion of Mexicans. Louie claimed that ALL Mexicans wanted Americans dead. Most of the hosts on Nformd disagreed with Louie and expressed that we felt that type of talk only fed into the propaganda that was forming around the Arizona issue. We didnt speak to Louie for a few weeks and then he began coming on to (Rev)olution, we spoke with Louie about his alleged evidence against Luke Rudowski of We Are Change. Ignorantly, We took Louie's evidence as real and substantial before getting to know what type of person he really is. Louie had several times on air made crude and discriminatory comments about and to woman.  One of the most lude comments that came from him was "Whenever a woman asks me for money, I tell them "But honey, you have a pussy". Anothe comment that Louie had made to a Nformd listener was that she was a "Cum Dumpster". In a skype message I received directly from Louie a couple weeks ago he had expressed that the only reason he was attacking us was because "ITS accepted him when we wouldnt". Now we will address Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV, Rupert was a host on Nformd for several months, there was a slow downward spiral with rupert where he began drinking heavily while on air. On Sept. 6th 2010, Rupert had Charlie Veitch on for an interview, Toward the end of the interview Ziggy was able to jump on air and began attacking Charlie about how she had gotten him a lawyer back when he was arrested in Canada and that she was very upset that he disrespected her by finding another lawyer. That evening, Rupert had came on air, very drunk and began attacking several of the NFormd hosts, including myself. That evening we decided it would be best if Rupert take a break from NFormd. Within days he was being aired on "ITS".More recently we found out that Ruper's father is actually employed by DISA, a banch of the Department of Defense. As for Donna Van Meter and Curt, we are not sure why they decided to join in on the attacks. We had only spoked to either of them once on air. I do remember that when Curt was on, he got in a heated argument with someone and left abruptly. Another individual who has recently joined the attacks is Jack Fleming, Jack is actually a person we know personally. Jack is the ex-boyfriend of a close friend of ours. Jack began attacking us after he felt we werent supportive of his breakup with our friend. 

Now I want to bring up the fact the an unknown person with ITS had actually called Child protective services on RevJ and I only a few weeks ago. This coming from people who claim to be for "Truth" and against the tyranny of this Government. 

 ITS radio continues to slander and tell lies about this station and the people on it. Normally we would ignore such garbage and lies but in this case we feel that this need be addressed for the sake of our hosts and listeners, as the attacks are now being spread to people that have nothing to do with this matter. 

It has now become clear to us that ITS radio and it’s host Jabba (Jason Jones) is nothing more than a misinformation agent with the intent to slander and smear people working in the truth movement. Recent attacks have also been directed at We are Change NYC as well as other writers and activists.

All activists who fight against the new world order should be on guard against these people and type of attacks and take heart in knowing that they are only attacking us because we are effectively reaching the people and waking them up to the evil that has descended upon us all.

 As for Jahba denying his namebeing Jason Jones... 10th post down. HERE