I have compiled some good talking points for 9/11 discussion.


Operation Northwoods is proposed which would include staged attacks on American cities to be blamed on Cuba.


The Pentagon conducts the 1st of 2 training exercises called "Mask Out". Which simulate a bowing 757 crashing into the Pentagon. Charles Burlingame (an ex-navy pilot) who worked for the pentagon for 17 years participated in a similar exercise in 1989 before retiring to fly for American Airlines, where 12 years later his plane allegedly crashes into the pentagon.


Norad plans in which a plane is flown into the pentagon but is rejected because it is too unrealistic.


The department of defense issues new instructions for military intervention in the case of a hijacking which states that for all non-immediate responses, the department must get permission directly from the secretary of defense.

Attorney General John Ashcroft begins flying only on chartered jets for the remainder of his term due to the threat assessment made by the FBI.


Osama Bin Laden, who was wanted by the US sense 1998 receives medical care at a American hospital in dubi, where he is visited by the local chief of CIA.


Larry A Silverstein who already owned Tower 7 signs a $3.2 billion , 99 year lease for the entire WTC complex. Included in this lease is a $3.2 billion insurance policy which covers specifically terror attacks. This was just weeks before 9/11.


3,150 out options are out on American Airlines. (4 times the daily average)

Bomb sniffing dogs are removed from the center for 12 hour shifts in the 2 week period.


27,294 put options are put on Bowing (over 5 times the daily average)


4,516 put options are put on American Airlines (over 11 times the daily average)

Newsweek reports that a number of Congress members cancelled their flights for the following morning

San Fransisco Mayor "Willy Brown" gets a phone call warning him not to fly the next morning.

In Pakistan at a military hospital all of the Urologists on staff are replaced by a special team for their guest Osama Bn Laden.


The national recon office in Chantilly, VA is preparing for an exercise in which a corporate jet crashes into their building.

Norad is in the middle of exercises also.

1st: "Vigilant Gaudian" is described as would pose imaginary crisis for N. American air defense outposts nationwide.

2nd: "Northern Vigilance" requires deploying figter jets to Alaska and N. Canada to fight imaginary Russians.

Three F16s are then sent from Andrews Air Force base (only 15 miles from the pentagon) 115 miles away to N.C. for training exercises. Leaving only 14 jets to protect the whole US.

At 9:38am in Arlington, VA
Hani Hanjour allegedly executes a 330 degree turn going 530mph, decends 7000 feet to crash into the pentagon.

That is impossible, that speed would have caused the plane to stall and fall right out of the sky.

Hani had went to Freeway airport in Maryland a month before to try to rent a small plane. When he went on 3 test runs in the 2nd week of August, he had trouble controlling and even landing the single engine plane.


On Nov 22, 2004 a private jet heading to Houston to pick up Bush Sr clipped a single light pole and crashed a minute later at Houston's Hobby airport, the wing was ripped off by the pole. Yet, Flight 77 pulled 5 poles right out of the ground while maintaining speed and control?

There is NO evidence in any picture that there was ever a plane near or around the Pentagon or that it bounced off the lawn.

CNN reported that there was no trace of a plane.

The official explanation is that the heat was so intense, it vaporized everything. If that is so then how did they identify 184 out of 185 bodies?

The Armed Forces DNA lab who identified the bodies was also responsible for that at Shanksville.

Flight 77 had 2 Rolls royce RB211 engines, made of steel and titanium alloy. They are 9 feet in diameter, 12 feet long and weigh 6 tons each. Titanium melts at 1688 degrees celcius, Jet fuel can only maintain a burning temperature of 1120 degrees celsius, and that is only after 40 minutes of maintained fuel. The fuel would burn off upon impact.

The 2 engines should have been found mostly in tact near the pentagon. Instead there was a single turbo jet engine about 2 feet in diameter found in the building. Manufacturing reps confirmed that the piece found at the pentagon was not from a bowing 757.

If the plane had vaporized, it would have been the first time in aviation history.

Other then a single hole in the pentagon there was no damage where the rest of the plane including the engines. Even the windows around the hole were in tact.

On the other side of the pentagon there is a whole approximately 16 feet in diameter.

For this to have been caused by a plane, it would have had to crash though 9 feet of steel reinforced concrete, traveling 310 feet. The Nose of the plane was made of light weight carbon.

Now, as for the witnesses in the media, they all had different stories, some saw a huge commercial airliner, some saw a commuter plane, and most interesting is that some saw a United States Military helicopter.

People inside and outside the building described being thrown back by a shock wave. Buildings as far as 1.6 miles away felt the blast.

A number of military personnel said they could smell cordite. Cordite is used in ammunition. Witnesses described a silver explosion, jet fuel would produce a yellow/orange burst. Photos at the time of the Pentagon crash show a C-130 cargo plane turning away from the pentagon just after the crash, and another white unmarked plane flying over Washington.

At 9:25am the FAA initiated a national ground stop, which requires all planes to land and no further take offs.

Three surveillance cameras from businesses just across would have caught the whole thing, the FBI was there within minutes to confiscate all tapes.

What was released was 5 frames showing just before the explosions and just after.


The South tower of the WTC collapses to the gound in 10 secs at 9:59am. Then at 10:28am the North tower, then at 5:20pm Tower 7 falls to the ground as well. Building 7 housed the CIA, IRS, Department of Defense, Secret service and the secret bunker of Rudy Giuliani. There were 3000-4000 files being stored there that were related to numerous Wall Street investigations.

Building 7 fell in 6 secs. The official reason why building 7 fell was that there was an internal fire that was caused by parts of the twin towers that fell onto it. This makes the building the 3rd steel framed building in history to collapse from a structure fire, the first two were the twin towers.

In 1925 a B25 Bomber crashed into the Empire state building. In 1975 there was a fire in the north tower of the WTC, it was a 3 alarm fire, in the end sprinklers were installed. In 1988 a fire spreading over 4 floors burned in a LA skyscraper for 3 hours. In 1991a 38 story building in Philadelphia burned for over 19 hours and 8 floors. In 2004 a 56 story building in venusuela burned for 17 hours and 26 floors. In 2005 a 32 story building in Madrid burned for 24 hours and over 10 floors and none of these building fell.

The Twin towers burned for only 56 minutes and 103 minutes. They were build from 200.000 Tons of steel. 420,000 cubic yards of concrete.



Now the South Tower was 1362ft tall (85.1= 2724/ 32) This means 9.2 sec is free fall speed for the South Tower.

So the towers fell at free fall speed?


Van Romero "vice-President at Mexico Institute for Technology" says that based on the videos there were explosives that went off inside the building after the planes hit. But then 10 days later he changes his tune saying "Certainly the fires are what caused the buildings to fall".

Himan Brown "Civil engineering professor and WTC construction manager" says the buildings were designed to withstand ANYTHING including hurricanes, high winds, bombings, and a plane hitting it". And yet again another exert changes his opinion saying " Although it was designed to withstand a plane hitting it, jet fuel burning at 2000 degrees weakened the steel".

Kevin Ryan "of UL" says that the buildings were designed to withstand 2000 degrees for several hours and that even un-fireproofed steel can reach temperatures of 3000 degrees before melting. And he adressed Dr. Browns statements saying that it makes no sense that he would imply that steel would fail at 2000 degrees.

It should be noted that Kevin Ryan was fired just days after this statement.

Many witnesses including first responders witnessed the sounds of additional explosions after the planes hit. Many of these witnesses states what they heard on the news from many different stations.

One witness was standing 2.5 blocks from WTC on church street when he saw numerous light sources being emitted inside the building, they were coming from between the floors of 10-15. He alsi heard a crackling sound before the towers fell.

Louie Cachiolli who was a first responder said to People Weekly, that he was taking firefighters up to the 24th floor when they all heard a bomb go off, and that they believe there were bombs set all over the building.


In November 2002 the radio transmission from the firefighters were finally released. Throughout the whole tape you can hear several firefighters reporting explosions on numerous floors. Many of them described seeing flashes of light and crackling or popping noises just before they fell

Columbia Universities observatory in Palisades NY picked up the collapse. The south Tower registered as a 2.4 earthquake, the north as a 2.3.

Hot spots of molten steel were found a month after 9/11. Both under the Twin towers and building 7.


Ben Fountain who worked in WTC said to People Weekly that in the weeks before 9/11 there were numerous unusual and unannounced drills. In these drills, section of the Twin towers and building 7 were evacuated.

Daria Coard who was a guard said that on 9/6 all of the bomb sniffing dogs were removed from the buildings. Marvin Bush who is George Bush's brother signed off on all of this. He was the President of Securicon, who provided security for WTC.

The Remains of WTC were shipped overseas by Mayor Giuliani before they could be investigated. FEMA wasnt even allowed on Ground Zero. Controlled demolition were the only people allowed on Ground Zero which coincidentally were responsible for cleaning up the Oklahoma City Bombing.

The Coronor at the Shanksville crash site said that after 20 minutes of searching they were unable to find any bodies at all. There was also no sign of any blood.

Hopkins Airport in Cleveland reported that 2 planes landed there at 11:43am. The planes were emergency landings due to bomb threats. One of the planes was identified as Flight 93. At 10a the airport was evacuated due to a rumored high jacked plane that was going to land. Passengers for flights had to leave walking because they were not allowed to drive. Mayo White reported that the plane had 200 passengers.


The 9/11 commission report says that none of the black boxes were found. Mike Bellone and Nicholas De Masi (FDNY firefighters) claimed in 2004 that they had found three of the four boxes, and that Federal agents took them and told the two men not to mention having found them. (The FBI denies the whole story.)


The FBI reported to ABC NEWS that the passport of one of the hijackers, Satan Saqami was found in the streets under the WTC. But yet somehow the black boxes were vaporized.

It is important to note that Flights 77 and 11 were not scheduled to fly on 9/11 according to the Bureau of transportation statistics.


One of the flight attendants, Betty Ong made a 20+ min phone call but only 4 minutes was recorded.

Mark Bingham makes a phone call to his mother and goes something like this "Mom, this is Mark Bingham...I just want to tell you that I love you, Im on a flight from NY to San Fransisco and there are 3 guys on board, they have taken over the plane and say they have a bomb. Im calling from the air phone, you believe me dont you mom?" His mother then asks who they men are and he repeats "you believe me dont you?"

NONE of the cell phone calls could have taken place. In an experiment called project alkalies, A professor took a seires of cell phones on to a Sesna 122 and flew up to 8000 feet. At 400 feet he had a .4 success rate at making calls, and at 8000 he had a .1 success rate. And for 32,000 which is the cruising altitude of a commercial airliner, he noted a .006 success rate. That means about 1 in 100 calls would have been successful.

In July 2004 passengers on a American Airlines flight were able to make calls as if on the ground because of a cell station that was installed on the plane.

Why would AA need to spend all that money on a cell station if the phone worked fine on 9/11?


The identities of the hijackers was released by the department of Justice on 9/14/2001.
On 9/23 one of the hijackers "Waleed Al-Shehri had actually been living in Saudi Arabia as a pilot sense 2000. And was alive and well.

Abdulaziz Al-Omari was also alive working for Saudi tele-com.

At least nine of the reported hijackers were reported alive. Wall M- Al-Shahri, Mohand Al-Shahri, Callad Almihdhar, Salem Al-Hazmi, Siheed Al-gandhi, Almed Al-mami.

The FBI admitted on CNN that there is no proof of the identities of the hijackers.


On Sept 14, 2001 a tape is released that was claimed to be found in a house in Afghanistan. The man looks nothing like Bin Laden. And according to the FBI, he is left handed but in the video you can see him eating and writing with his right hand.


Well, there are many reasons why our Government would kill thousands of innocent Americans but here is just a couple important ones.

The US Patriot Act. Signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001. The title of the Act is a contrived acronym, which stands for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001

The Act dramatically reduced restrictions on law enforcement agencies' ability to search telephone, e-mail communications, medical, financial, and other records; eased restrictions on foreign intelligence gathering within the United States; expanded the Secretary of the Treasury’s authority to regulate financial transactions, particularly those involving foreign individuals and entities; and broadened the discretion of law enforcement and immigration authorities in detaining and deporting immigrants suspected of terrorism-related acts. The act also expanded the definition of terrorism to include domestic terrorism, thus enlarging the number of activities to which the USA PATRIOT Act’s expanded law enforcement powers could be applied.

The War On Terror:
The campaign was launched in 2001 with the U.S./U.K. invasion of Afghanistan in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks. Since then, other operations have commenced, the largest being the War in Iraq, beginning with a 2003 invasion. Originally, it was waged against al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations with the purpose of eliminating them.

To this day there have been over 106,000 civilians deaths in iraq.