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He was very concise and explicit, naming names and documentation, offices and meetings from the 50s on down to the1970s. He literally ripped the lid of the cover-up, and told his audience that he'd probably be killed for this. he was. This brilliant, decorated military career man left Naval Intelligence in 1975,. By his own admission, he was unable to reconcile what he'd learned while in Naval Intel, about Alien controls and secret combinations within over our government. He refused to serve the anti-constitutional "Military Industrial Complex" run by NAS/CIA and the NWO, and resigned.


 I have quite a few things i want to write here,so i will just get to it.

First,i want to say a little bit on what some label us as conspiracy theorists.
What i do,as a seeker is not based on theory.It is based on evidence and proof.Most seekers that i communicate here and elsewhere do the same.We use evidence to form out beliefs and and ways.
We do not go by what the mainstream corporate media tells us is factual.We take the next step,which is to go out there and research issues and news for ourselves.We know that the Mainstream News is nothing but a corporate scam,used as a medium by The Illuminati to manipulate,scam and Brainwash the public.Everyday ''normal'' people sit in front of this machine and accept everything that is fed to them,without so much as taking a few minutes or hours to go on the internet,to a library,or other means of research to seek the news and answers for themselves.Many of these people can be given the evidence and proof in their hands,to read and see for themselves.Yet,what do many do?They ignore it,or do not want to hear it.They toss it away before talking a look and form their opinion based on what the manipulation machine and the paid liars tell them.It has been this way for too long.However,i do have some optimism.Why do i say this?I have been noticing many everyday ''normal'' people state things that they never had before.I hear these people starting to listen to us,to turn aside from their televisions and spend more time on informative,worthy Truth sites.There is hope and optimism in this regard.

Next,i want to take a few minutes to write about infiltrators to the various Truth and Enlightenment Movements.
As a former ''member'' of the 9/11 Truth Movement and active protester for them,i have begun to notice a few odd things. They did not seem(at the time i was involved) to want to look beyond 9/11 and the bigger picture.Many refused to listen to the issue of 7/7 or other False Flag issues.They repeatedly advised me to stop seeking with those who were informative in issues such as UFO's,Ancient History/Civilizations,Science,Free Alternative Energy,The Illuminati and other issues.However,i am a seeker of TRUTH!! I deal and research in truth regarding ALL areas,not just one.Yes,The 9/11 Truth Movement spoke out against The Bilderberg Group,Carlyle Group,Trilateral Commission and other(certain) False Flag incidents of the past. I was given a choice(sounded like a dictator) to either focus on 9/11 or get out.I chose the latter.At one time,i had trust with this Movement but that trust is long gone.I know that most do their work and research well and i applaud them.However,like any large Movement,eventually,it will become infiltrated and it already has.

The best thing we can do for our cause,is not allow anyone to infiltrate us,attack us and redirect our attention.I,we must stay focused on this.The time is upon us to really make a worldwide difference.This,we will do!!We will win this war against The Illuminati.We will see the beginning of a new era.I remember 20 years ago when there were very few of us.Look now,we are in the millions and we keep growing everyday! It's been about 4 years since i joined Fascistbook.Then,there were many Seekers but now,it is amazing at how many seekers there are.This,will continue to grow.I remember when i first befriended the likes of Lee Rock,Fedge No,Cathy Orser,Sara Anderson,Michelle Shell,Calvin and Suzanne Mchenry.Then,we were making our groups,spreading info and awareness.Now,there are so many of us,so many that i have become friends with.So many that give it all for the cause of Truth,putting our asses and lives on the line.For our friends,family and the world.Someone once asked me if this was worth it.I said at the time(3 years ago) that i doubt it.However,i can say now that,yes it is worth it.

I now want to tell you some of the things i am against ot speak out on:
- Organized Religion/ One world Religion/New Ageism:This is used as a tool for manipulation,fear,mind control and War.Nothing else! One does not need religion to believe in God or Allah!
-Army/Troops.:For the record,i do NOT support the Military in any way,shape or form! Those who go to war are allowing themselves to be used by Thwe Illuminati to further its agenda! All the while taking part in killing innocent civilians and causing chaos and destruction.Much,based on Religion i might add.
-One World Government: What a a fool one has to be to see this as a positive thing! I suggest to those that buy into this concept to some research.
-North American Union: For 7 years,up to 2005,i work for The Royal Bank of Canada and The Toronto Dominion Bank.Back in 1999 and 2000,i heard much about The NAU and the plan and agenda for this.I spoke out then against this.For this,i was threatened and cated out by my former co-employees.However,many now know much about this.This,will ensure Canada, and Mexico as living in a prison like system.This cannot be allowed to happen,yet it will happen and actually already has.
There is much more that i am against but i will not write anymore on this topic.Just feel free to message me to ask.

This may help to awaken many others but serves no other purpose.What we all need to do is revolt.
To take back our freedoms and live the way we choose,with no interference from our governments.No one has the right to dictate to us how we should live and how we should die.Our societies are a joke,a way to keep us locked up inside of ourselves.This,we must change and stop.We must break free like Icke says.

thank you for taking the time to read my words.I hope that i did not offend too many people lol.if i did,oh well.The truth is the truth and i don't care who likes it lmao.
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