Is your brand/product or website relevant to the material we cover on Nformd? Then we would like to advertise for you. Get seen and heard by thousands who are already interested in the type of products or service you offer. 

Nformd Radio has many options to fit your needs or budget when it comes to advertising. 

Banner Ads: We offer custom designed banners from a creative staff that is dedicated to making you happy. 

$50 - One Time Fee Banner Design

$50/month - Featured banner on our "Links" page.

$200/month - Banner on every page of the site.

"On Air" Advertising: Nformd radio has a large demographic of listeners, listeners that want to hear about what you have to offer. Our staff can customize a pre-recorded ad to fit your needs. 

$75 - One Time Fee Ad Recording

$200/month - 4 daily aired commercials

$400/month - 10 daily aired commercials

Premium Ads:

$100 - One Time Fee Custom Banner/ pre-recorded ad.

$350/month - Banner on every page of the site + 4 daily aired commercials.

If you already have a banner and pre-recorded ad, you can skip the One- time fees. 

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